Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to PlayStation 4, But not anytime soon.

Playserunknown’s battlegrounds were one of the best games in 2017, a lot of people play it and we’re excited about this game. There is only one problem for PlayStation 4 Owners, they can’t play.
The CEO of Playerunknowns’battleground said something about this what we want to mention, he made sure that this game will come to other platforms in the future. In case you do not have the money for this awesome game you can always check out homepage to check out PSN Code Generator

For now, the game is exclusive to Microsoft, this means that I can be played on the Xbox One and Windows PC. Chang Han Kim Stated in a recent interview with Inven Global that when they have the opportunity that they would launch the final game on every platform.

The game is timed to be  Xbox One Exclusive like the game Forza is. Sony does also not offer any kind of early access program to the game. This means that player unknown Battlegrounds need to be finished and complete before they will make a PlayStation 4 version of the game.

in our opinion, this is a bit of a weakness for the game and a strength for the platform  Xbox since the game is a lot of potential players that will play fortnite instead. For Microsoft, it is a completely new unique selling system that let people choose Xbox over PlayStation.

What do you think about this strategy is it worth it? Join the discussion and let us know about it.