PlayStation Manager on Cross-Play: “We’re Considering the Opportunities”

There could yet be wish for a cross-play service in between all gaming consoles in our future, as current remarks from Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden appear to show that Sony is checking out feasible remedies or concessions. This is far more compared to we’ve ever before had the ability to leave Sony prior to, and also having an exec confess that they’re exploring the opportunity is heartening. Below’s exactly how everything dropped.

Eurogamer press reporter Robert Purchese had the ability to talk straight to Layden at the Gamelab seminar in Spain, where Layden and also Mark Cerny were offering a discussion concerning PlayStation’s tradition. When Purchese obtained an opening of the microphone, he stated the following:

Currently you could be assuming to on your own, “That does not truly appear like a committal response,” and also you’re definitely. Layden did not state that Sony is paying attention, he stated that they “listen to” their followers.

There appears to be a concern at the minute, that Sony isn’t really paying attention to its gamers – or does not appear to be – and also that’s cross-play, Fortnite especially. It appears to be Sony’s not paying attention.”

Layden responded, stating that he can provide up a brief declaration: “We’re hearing it,” he confessed. “We’re looking at a great deal of the opportunities.

Crossplay playstation


It could not appear like a lot, yet this is an additional action towards generation-wide cross-play. Sony is presently the only firm not happy to play along, as well as while it might have legit organisation problems with opening cross-play, the truth stays that its existing position betrays the tagline that apparently specifies the PlayStation brand name: “For the gamers.”

The media, along with the pc gaming public, have actually been showing up the warm on Sony, and also we need to maintain it up. We need to aim back per as well as each of these declarations, as well as make it definitely clear, with absolutely no uncertainty, that most of us see Sony acting in its very own self-involvement, as well as not for gamers. We should hold on to declarations that show Sony is taking into consideration opportunities, and also hold them answerable to those declarations as commonly as we can.

Remain tuned, as well as allow us recognize in the remarks listed below if you believe we’ll see real cross-play occur this generation!